Their Journey. Their Way.

Now that they've left for college it's time for your student to build a secure financial future. By building good credit today, they're more likely to be financially independent and prepared for life's journey's tomorrow.

The Capital One JourneySM card gives your student the tools to manage their credit wisely, so they can develop the financial qualifications that they'll need down the road.

Help With Deadlines

With text and e-mail alerts, your student can stay on track and will always know when their payment is due, so you won't have to remind them to pay every month.

Cash Back

Your student can get 1% cash back on all purchases made with their Journey card.

Rewards for On-time Payments

Journey rewards good behavior: they'll earn an additional 25% bonus on the cash back they earn each month, just for paying their bill on time.

No Annual Fee

Unlike many other credit cards, Journey has no annual fee. Just one less fee for students to worry about.